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          Open Evening and Open Day

          502 Bad Gateway

          Here at Broughton we have high expectations for all, from all. High standards are set by our well-qualified, experienced staff. We place particular emphasis on excellent behaviour, attendance, punctuality, uniform, good manners and individual progress.

          Our pursuit of excellence will ensure that Broughton pupils have the best opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

          mixed 11-16 community school with a proud history of success. We are based in the village of Broughton, on the

          502 Bad Gateway

          aims to give all pupils a broad and exciting exposure to a range of activities and subjects to help them

          We believe that we are a school with a ‘family’ atmosphere, providing high quality education for each and every young person.

          us and experience the atmosphere in our vibrant community.

          Chris Morris 

          Open Evening and Open Day flyer

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