4. Each of these committees has a separate Chair and Secretary.

5. Each committee presents a report on its work in the termly Full Governors’ report.

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7. The main work of the governors at Broughton is in terms of

8. A Chair and Vice Chair of Governors will be appointed at the September meeting.
    For 2019-20 the Chair is Mrs Judith Fawbert and the Vice Chair is Mrs Gill Peterson.

9. Chair of Personnel and Finance is Mrs Judith Fawbert
    Chair of Curriculum and Standards is Mr David Leeming
    Chair of Access and Support is Mrs Martine Morris
    Chair of Learning Environment Mr Bill Oldcorn

10. The staff governor(s) represent staff views and report back to colleagues as/when appropriate.

11. The clerk to the governors is Mrs E Ikin.

12. All new policies must be approved by the relevant committee and then by the full Governing Body.